Hanging Aquarium by Lucijan Fajs

Save the space of your house interior. The hanging aquarium innovation is intended for decorative furnishing of offices, restaurants, hotel rooms, households and so on. The hanging aquarium has an eight sided design which can be placed on the ceiling instead of a chandelier or reflector. The secondary goal of the innovation is to unburden the place where the aquarium is located. This is because the connection of the aquarium and light over a certain height gives a beautiful ambient of light with the animal and plant world.

It consists of two basic parts: the hanging bearing structure and the glass (plexi) construction. The hanging bearing structure consists of an electronic motor with conveyance, a slide, pipe regulated bearers (inox) and a stabilizer for the regulation bearer. It can be made from glass, plexiglass, lexana, ect. The raising and lowering of the aquarium is controlled with a electronic remote, without any jerking or vibrations.


Hanging Aquarium Design

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