Japanese Style Tokonoma Lamp by Albi Serfaty & Eitan Ben Tovim

Derived from the Japanese traditional reception room, designers Albi Serfaty and Eitan Ben Tovim has presented the Tokonama artisanal lamp. Tokonama was used for displaying items for artistic appreciation like calligraphies, ikebana (flower arrangements) adn also bonsai trees.

The stands are digitally carved while lamps are touch controlled and dimmable LEDs. The felt is handmade, using the best merino wool and pure silk, which resembles the texture and sahde of washi, traditional Japanese paper for doors and partitions. Available in four finishes: Haru (spring), Natsu (summer), Aki (autumn) and Fuyu (Winter).

Tokonama Lamp with Washi Paper Textures
Tokonama Lamp Reception Room Ideas
Tokonama Lamp Desktop Table Lighting

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