Offset Stool Contemporary Seating Design by Giorgio Biscaro

In the upcoming Milan Design Week at Salone Satellite, Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro will exhibit his seating design: Offset Stool. The seating furniture is obtained through the repetition of some plywood strips bent at the same angle, manufactured by the producer by bending a long, single sheet of plywood and then cutting it into pieces. These pieces are drilled and paired to three pantograph cut legs through three couples of little iron bars to avoid glueing and provide extra stiffness.

The trilobated shape of the seat is unusual, but it?s more comfortable, regardless of people?s different heights: since it mimics a bottom?s print, legs can immediately reach the floor and they are not pressed to the edge of a wider seat.

Offset Chair Contemporary Furniture
Offset Chair Colorful Furnitures
Offset Chair Recycled Furnitures
Offset Chair Eco Friendly Furniture

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