Seville Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire

Go on and hit the antique store jewelry grab bags. You’ll have ample room to store your treasures in the Seville Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire. This armoire has lots of open and divided storage, perfect for storing your tiniest stud earrings to your generous bottle of Chanel No. 5. The top storage section has a tilt-out mirror – so you can make sure your accessories look marvelous – and a removable tray, convenient for rings, bracelets, and other smaller items.

What appear to be drawers down the front is actually a locking door with key¬† that opens to reveal more drawers and storage space. Above the first drawer, you’ll find a handy storage compartment with earring holders, which we love, as we all know it’s hard to keep your earrings in place and organized. Below that, the first drawer has ring rolls, and the drawers below feature open and divided storage. The open space beneath the fifth drawer is just the spot to stash the items you use often, such as lotion and perfume. Top and side doors do not lock.

Seville Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire
Seville Antique Walnut Locking Jewelry Armoire Details
Seville Antique Walnut Locking Drawer

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