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Cocoon Stall Egg Shaped Shower Design by Arina Komarova

Arina Komarova has unveiled her current bathroom shower concept called the Cocoon Stall Shower. The bathroom shower is the egg-shaped shower, with a bathtub, Jacuzzi hydro massage, and also mood lighting system to complete your relaxing session in the bath. Since the design is still in concept level, the Cocoon Shower Stall hasn’t been manufactured […]

Modern Rain Spa Shower Heads by iB Rubinetterie

Innovative and illuminating bathroom decor comes from Italian bathroom design iB Rubinetterie. These stylish shower heads collection will indulge yourself in luxurious water and light experience. The luxurious rain spa shower comes in the choice of a modern chrome-finish, 280mm square and 600mm round design, and features a range of ever-changing hues for a color-therapy […]