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Beachwood Wicker Double Glider

Finely woven resin wicker gives the Beachwood Wicker Double Glider a natural look you’re going to love. This resin wicker features light and medium tones, aiding in its authentic look. The beauty of resin wicker is that it looks like the real thing, but won’t fade, warp, or crack. The seat is generously proportioned and […]

Modern Wall Shelf – Maple and Walnut by Joshua Rutherford

The Modern Wall Shelf is the perfect addition to your entry. It adds function and beauty in one compact design. This amazing piece of furniture acts as your caretaker, butler and maid (but it doesn’t ask for a monthly paycheck!) The one shown here is made of local organic Black Walnut and maple. The joinery […]

Modern Kaktus Stool Design by Enrico Bressan

Inspired by the skeleton of the Staghorn Cholla cactus, the Kaktus stool is light and durable made from polished recycled aluminum. Its attractively delicate and strong presence will make a powerful addition to any modern environment. The Kaktus Stool could not be more modern or versatile; it can be used as a side table, footrest, […]

Residential Lighting – Get Your Home Illuminated the Smart Way

A change in lightning can change the entire view of the house, and a staunch lightning effectively enhances the beauty and charm of the room by illuminating all corners of the residence. Lighting, being a crucial aspect of interior decoration, it is given immense importance by the interior decorators.

The Hibachi Table: Elegant Combination of Beauty and Function

The Hibachi Table was a staple in every Japanese home and was the centerpiece to the kitchen. Essentially a “fire pit table” it was primarily used for heating water for tea.

The Traditional Wooden Japan Kitchen Cabinet by Mizuya

The Mizuya Island combines the beauty of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the practicality of a utility island. Made from solid beams of reclaimed hard wood, its sliding doors and drawers are accessible from both sides, making it a unique and practical kitchen island. You can also turn it into a practical dining / bar area […]

Emerson Redwood Rail Free Garden Bridge

Keep life simple with the Emerson Redwood Rail Free Bridge. Ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet, the red wooden bridge in California surprisingly resilient. The rail free accent allows you to use this bridge to dry ditches or rivers to meet without full attention to the beauty of your garden.

Beautiful Peacock Chair Seating Design by Dror Benshetrit

Inspired by the beauty of the bird creature, designer Drod Benshetrit from?Studio Dror’s created the Peacock Chair with looping folds to create a nice seating surface without conventional upholstery characteristics. This beautiful contemporary furniture is manufactured by Cappellini.?

Janus Stool + Chair by Jang Yoon

Another transforming beauty of furniture design comes from Jang Yoon. It’s still on prototype stage which will be performed on the next ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair in N.York from 16-19 May 2009. The name Janus derived from the anciend Greek mythology as it was the name of a god. Janus (Ianus) was a god […]