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4 Vase Cabinet Contemporary Design by Katz

Designer Stanislav Katz is the co-founder of the Latvian furniture manufacturer?Katz. Lately, they unveiled their latest creation on storage system design called?4 Vase Cabinet. It’s made by layering CNC cut MDF, sanding baack to a smooth form and lacquering whole surface, thus creating a smooth black finish.??The design really makes sense when placed in such […]

Modular Screen Design by Granger & Robert Moorehead

Made from CNC milled panels, these modular screen system design is a beautiful piece for your modern interior design. The bubbly screen design from NY architects?Granger & Robert Moorehead?is an inventive way to separate spaces in homes without hurting whole interior design. Since the screen is made of metal, any creative contemporary designer should easily […]

Unique Shelves For Life by William Warren

Designer William Warren has unveiled his coffin-shaped shelving unit creation called Shelves For Life. Made from solid plywood, this unique shelving system is designed to serve your storage needs from now until the end of your life. As your time arrived, the bookshelf can be arranged into a coffin. “Shelves For Life is a self-initiated […]