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Colorful Coffe Chic Handle by Paul Smith

This chic pot handles in pastel color palette and color lights, make coffee or tea drinking ceremony be as attractive as wearing clothes designed by famous designers.

Unique and Practical Mugs Collection

Whether you are a drinker of coffee or tea drinker, there’s one thing we can all agree: the cup to drink your beverage of choice used is as important as the brand that you like, the amount of milk and sugar you take, and your favorite cookies to go with your drink. To go beyond […]

Minimalist Player Chair by Tierney Haines Architects

Tierney Haines Architects comes up with a minimalist Player chair design, as a fresh new alternative to the Eames and Knoll classics. Here, the beautiful works of art is delivered in a modern seating furniture with spindle legs in solid walnut and oak (optional). The seat and the back-rests are wrapped in a textured white […]

Unique Sofa Made from Crumpled Papers

Japanese people should have many ideas about how they deal with papers. At the hand of Tokujin Yoshioka, crumpled of papers can be some state of sofa-art by sticking them one by one using glue. You might just wonder how to clean the dirt as if someone spilled out their coffee on it. Via.