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The Ameriwood Altra Bamboo Space Saver

The old bamboo just got rejuvenated in the Ameriwood Altra Bamboo Space Saver. Cleverly constructed with two taller sliding doors and one lower display shelf, this savvy space saver adds a touch of rustic elegance and tranquility into a space we often forget about when it comes to home decor: the bathroom. Fitting just over […]

Clover Sofa: The Contemporary Polyester Velvet Sofa Design

The innovative design of the Clover Sofa will refresh your home decor with its inviting curves and silky-smooth upholstery. The most impressive characteristic of this contemporary sofa is its incredibly soft 100% polyester velvet upholstery.

Bathroom Decor Tile Ideas From Sprinz

As a modern work of art, these printed glass tiles decor and printed shower doors by Sprinz are sure to impress art aficionados and home decor enthusiasts alike. Featuring high-quality, photo-realistic image printing, these glass tiles and glass doors boast all the beauty of your favorite image, but without the unsightly interruptions caused by gaps […]

Contemporary ?Hula Hoop? Vase Design by Cristiana Giopato

Italian designer designer?Cristiana Giopato has created ?Hula Hoop? which is a series of stackable elements, that once stacked may be used to encompass an empty wine bottle. The bottle thus becomes a one flower vase, providing it with a new guise and a new use. The elements are different in shape and by rotating them […]

Contemporary Timeless Clock Design by Pascal Tarabay

Designer Pascal Tarabay gives this clock its own personality by scattering all the numbers within the clock in big sizes. However, if you look closely, the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12 are still intact on its position, merged with other shapes. Made from lacquered metal frame, the Timeless Clock is a modern option for your […]

Colorful Muse Lighting Series From Axolight

If you think that your home decor is a little bit dull, then these Muse lighting series from Axolight can be an option to give a little beat. The light consists of a metal structure and a covering removable and washable elastic fabric. Available in hanging and ceiling version, the Muse light has a wide […]

Handmade Silo Planter Design

This beautifully handmade Silo Planter gives you a nice touch of nature inside your living room. Plant a new basil or a patch of wheat grass, the look is ready to your home decor. The planter glaze is color of the single planter in the second photo.?