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Minimalist Furniture for Minimalist Interior Style

Taking minimalist furniture into your house seems to be a simple job since the common understanding about the term ‘minimalist’ has gotten so simple to implement. Although often minimalist means less, and minimalist means simple, people (non-interior designers) just can’t bring some Mezzanotte lamp from Ca-Belli or Minosse minimalist sofa into the living room, and […]

Sitting Room with Traditional Lighting and Decor

This sitting room does a great job of blending contemporary and traditional interior design. The colors are neutral but not boring. The darker beige tones of the wall look great with the white chairs and dark mahogany tables. We also love the use of crystal lighting throughout the room. This room is simple yet incredibly […]

Small and Simple Apartment Interior with Bookshelf Wall

Stunning apartment interior with unusual bookshelf design, the owner’s is Young people who have huge comic collections and would like to create a beautiful living environment in geometry confusing, contorted and compartmentalized. The existing apartment is actually made up of six pieces for an area of 60m ², including the entry of 5m ² met […]

Chinese Lunar New Year Accent for Bedroom Design

Celebrating the golden rabbit Chinese New year 2011 could be anywhere in space, then why do not celebrate it in the warmest room in the bedroom? Interior designer Shirley Gouw through the opening title “Celebrating The Year of the Rabbit with Touch of interior design by 12 Indonesian Design” at home Grahacipta Elite gallery, designed […]

Bathroom Lighting Design by Kichler Lighting

Since 1938, Cleveland-based Kichler Lighting for their innovative designs and excellent workmanship has known. Kichler is the world’s leading decorative lamp and winner of four ARTS Lighting Manufacturer of the Year. Kichler designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in exterior and interior design, colors and designs. Then the best of the trends […]

Red and Gray Interior Design Color Trends

Red is a complex and very intriguing color. It is often associated with boldness, pain, blood, anger and danger. Though these negative associations are contrasted by many opposing associations. The one that stands out the most would have to be love. Red affects my mood, as do all colors, of course, but red the most.  I’ve […]

Perspective Shelf Interior Shelving Design by Fuquan Junze

The Perspective Shelf is a unique shelving that conveys the look of perspective drawing into an interior furniture. The angular shelf is made by Hong Kong based Fuquan Junze. Available in Oak. Oil Monkey Limited

Translucent Milk Lamp Contemporary Lighting Design by NORM

Inspired by the classic nordic milk stool and Nordic tradition of wood and glass, NORM architects Kasper R?nn & Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen have created the Milk Lamp for &tradition. Milk Lamp is the first item in a series of sensory design for the home that comes in two flavors of black or white cord. The lamp […]

Coco Wall Decoration Ideas from Non Sans Raison

Wall decorations can be done by adding various decorative items like photos, paintings, pictures, and sometimes wall mounted fireplaces. Non Sans Raison manufacturer has delivered the beautiful collection of decorative wall plates which was very popular some time ago. Non Sans Raison is collaborating with designer Paula Juchem to create these vintage Coco wall plates […]

Adjustable Coffee Table Design for Interior and Outdoor Living

The furniture design industry is what should never out of business since there are more and more creative furniture designs created each day by many talented designers. Yoann Henry Yvon is a young designer which has an idea of creating a contemporary adjustable coffee table design which is suitable both for indoor and outdoor. Entitled […]