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Offset Stool Contemporary Seating Design by Giorgio Biscaro

In the upcoming Milan Design Week at Salone Satellite, Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro will exhibit his seating design: Offset Stool. The seating furniture is obtained through the repetition of some plywood strips bent at the same angle, manufactured by the producer by bending a long, single sheet of plywood and then cutting it into pieces. […]

Oreste & Emma Pop-art Radiator Designs by Andrea Crosetta for Antrax

The Italian designer Andrea Crosetta has created a cool radiator design with a touch of contemporary pop-art style. The Oreste & Emma bathroom radiators from Antrax were for both private homes and trendy commercial spaces like lounges, restaurants and clubs, where ?pop? means more than just a beverage.

Contemporary ?Hula Hoop? Vase Design by Cristiana Giopato

Italian designer designer?Cristiana Giopato has created ?Hula Hoop? which is a series of stackable elements, that once stacked may be used to encompass an empty wine bottle. The bottle thus becomes a one flower vase, providing it with a new guise and a new use. The elements are different in shape and by rotating them […]

Easy Sleep Sofa Modular Design By Luca Scacchetti

Italian designer?Luca Scacchetti created the innovative modular seating Easy Sleep Sofa for?Domodinamica manufacturer.?This beautiful and versatile sofa are available?from the various finishes (fabric, leather, pleather) the one you like the most. The sofa is made from polyurethane resins (40 kg/mc density) very comfortable whether you choose to use it as a sofa or a bed.

Smart Atlas Bench For Smokers by Giorgio Biscaro

The Atlas Bench series are unique seating design?from Italian designer?Giorgio Biscaro?for?SLIDE?manufacturer. It’s made from rotational moulded polyethylene, thus making it available for outdoor use. The idea of this Atlas bench creation comes from the reality that?many pubs and bars in Europe no longer allow smokers to smoke inside. Thus,?they?re all outside on the street with […]

Contemporary PioPio Shelves and Table Design by Antonino Sciortino

PioPio is a collection of book shelves and coffee tables/bed tables. Italian designer Antonino Sciortino has made these contemporary collections into living exclusively for Diamantini & Domeniconi. Using the iron shaping expertise, the furniture creates a certain sense of sculpture but not overlooked the its functionality. The Piopio collection is based on the idea of […]