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Chinois Console Wine Table with Wine Glass Rack

Elegant and uniquely styled, the Chinois Console Wine Table with Wine Glass Rack not only looks gorgeous but provides you with a lot of extra storage space. The table top features upturned ends and decorative carvings below to give this table its Asian flair. Six rows of hanging stemware storage means you’ve always got your […]

Gold Ceramic Decorative Tiles Design by Graniti Fiandre

Adding a touch of luxury to your home interior can be done by putting these amazing gold decorative tiles from Italian company Graniti Fiandre. With various decorations, you can have a lot of ceramic tile design ideas to inspire your own creative thoughts. The large-scale organic doodles of the Gold Scratch pattern are the perfect […]

Cords Management From Dotz

Getting a lot of cords should be frustating. The Dotz manufacturer comes with their handy cords management:?Dotz? CordIdentifiers?, Dotz CordStraps?, and Dotz ? CordWraps?.?Each of these thangs is reusable in one way or another. The colors are pretty darn cute with those icons. We’re sure that they would be helpful to you.?Designer: Micah L. Maraia

Smart Concealed Cord Outlets Management Design

Have you ever count how many cord do you use in your house? Let’s start to count them one by one if you haven’t: computer, television, notebook, blender, refrigerator, fan, and there’s a lot of then. Sometimes you got stuck with power cables and data cables off stretch across the field of vision and detract […]