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Bathtub With TV by Karim Rashid

Well-known designer Karim Rashid has created an awesome TV bathtub for Korean bath company Saturn. As well as a luxury bathroom decor, the bathtub is incorporated with a modern technology of built-intelevision. The oval-shaped tub is made of LAR (liquid acrylic resin) ? a material that not only looks great but is also known for […]

Modern Relaxation Armchair 35H Lounger by Fr?d?ric Sofia

Spending hours in front of your computer or reading books, might just hurt your back spinal cord. Designer Fr?d?ric Sofia?answered this problem by delivering the 35H Lounger relaxation armchair. The seating serves ergonomic comfort, as it automatically adjusts the angle and the body-weight of the user through pneumatic jacks. This modern chair design is made […]