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Innovative SmartShelves Uses Vacant Space Beneath Stairs

Saving more spaces inside your house could be more expansive, especially if you have a two-story house which should have at least an interior stair connects the first and the second floor. SmartFurniture proposes a smart and fully functional under-stair storage in an open floorplan. Dubbed Smart Shelves, each individual square space can hold up […]

The Riverside Cape May Stylish TV Console – Bayberry Black

Traditional furniture doesn’t have to be relegated to homes full of antiques.Can stop something as simple as a deep a touch of modernity to traditional pieces to add,so that they work just as well at home, modern rooms, too. The Cape MayRiverside TV Console – Bayberry black suit that bill with the style of NewEngland […]

Change It! Modern Wall Decoration Ideas by Amirko

Inspired by the operation of rotating billboards that can display 3 different messages, the Russian designer Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov conceived the idea of dressing wall or room divider Change it! which allows you to easily change the decor of your wall, choosing from three possibilities. A simple idea and quite nice to discover in […]

Dharma Lounge Contemporary Seating Design Ideas

Using text as structure and decoration, the Palette Industries has found their final exploration for a contemporary chair design. The purpose of this chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal and communal experiences and memories thus substantiating the […]

Beautifully Designed Edition Silhouette Rugs by Object Carpet

Rugs doesn’t always shaped as rectangles with. Instead, it can be shaped in any possibilities, like the German manufacturer Object Carpet delivered with their new Edition Silhouette Rugs. The Edition Silhouette presents sensuous extravaganza between contrasting poles. Its passionate dynamics unfold in the contradistinctions of material and the lack thereof, between quotes of traditional arts […]

Multi-Function Scroll Sofa Beds from Cor

Space sometimes be a hassle when choosing the right furniture. But, as you look at this Scroll sofa beds from Cor, you can instantly recognize that there are manny possibilities in creating a space. The intelligence behind this product was created by interior designer Kirsten Antje Hopper and product designer Steffen Kroll for Studio Vertijet. […]