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Classic Zaisu Chair Dining Furniture Design From Hara Design

During the Japanese Muromachi period, Zaisu chairs have been a popular floor sitting piece of furniture. In the old days, where floors were covered in thick straw mats called “Tatami”, the ruling warrior should created strict rules about living daily lives which brought on the sitting posture caled “Seiza” as it was deemed the respectful […]

Multi-function Library Bath Design by Malin Lundmark

Swedish designer Malin Lundmark has developed the Library Bath which would suit the bookworms’ needs. Instead of serving a freshing bath experience, this design also provides a neat and safe storage space for books. Created with a conventional design, the multi-functional bathtub also includes an armchair-like backrest which help for a lying posture for users. […]

Comfortable Grasshopper Seating by Sixay Designer

Especially designed for human bodies, this Sixay creation is a perfect choice for your interior. It’s ergonomically designed with hard and smooth sitting surface, thus the best sitting posture is easy to find. This chair is defined as functional, well made, light, comfortable, and durable. Via