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Nutone Metro Oversize Deluxe Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

The Nutone Metro Oversize Deluxe Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet has a mirror worthy of your good looks. The premium float glass mirror on this medicine cabinet offers you a wide-angled unobstructed reflection, the perfect way to make sure your appearance is in order before you head out the door in the morning. Opening the 170-degree […]

NuTone Gallery Oversize Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

Clean, smart and simply lovely: the Gallery Oversize Medicine Cabinet gives you lots of room and plenty of quality features. The floating mirrored door provides a crisp reflection. The reversible door hinge lets you open it left or right, and it opens extra-wide for easy access. Soft rubber bumpers ensure a quiet close. Mirrors inside […]

Modern Furniture Design – Matching Your Personality

Your home is the best reflection of who you are. It echoes your tastes and habits. Modern day flats and apartments have very basic and common structures and floor plans. Modern furniture designs allow you to be creative and make these apartments look unique and stylish.

Contemporary Furniture Mirror Chair Design by Kai Linke

What if half an object is being reflected on a mirror. The result is uncanny symmetrical look which tend to be real. This what inspires Frankfurt designer Kai Linke in creating the strange designed Mirror Chair. Mirror Chair is made from archetypal plastic garden chair, which manipulated in some reflection angles. Parts of the chairs […]