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The Fire Truck Coat Rack Unique Kids Furniture

Your child will love to hang coats, jackets and baseball caps on the Fire Truck Coat Rack. A great gift for a boy to a fireman or will in the family, the authority has clothes racks made of wood with a red pole with four pegs, a Dalmatian sitting on the floor, and a fireman […]

Nature Inspired Branch Table Unique Design by Incorporated

Closely similar to Tree Table Design, this Branch Table design extract the same nature components and turn into a unique furniture design, just like Sebastian Errazuriz did. The Branch Table was developed in collaboration with??Guy Snover from the Stevens Institute of Technology, the oldest engineering school in the United States.?The Branch Table utilizes a computer […]

Unique Skin Furniture Design by Studio Nacho Carbonell

This unique Skin furniture from Studio Nacho Carbonell is a thin closely adhering and elastic layer which allows people to put any objects underneath it. This layer adapts and takes the form of the objects, creating spontaneous contours that lead your curiosity to discover what hides beneath them. Nacho wants us to become playful and […]

Lego Inspired LunaBlocks Furniture by Thierry Nahon + Philippe Landecker

Inspired by the ego blocks, designer Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker delivered the unique LunaBlocks furniture. It’s a stackable design so that users can arrange them in many ways to create colorful furniture options. The LunaBlocks comes in various types: The basic LunaBlocks Transparent LunaLight LunaSoft for kids LunaLight for comfortable seating, and LunaSteel which […]