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The Virtu Opal Double Side By Side Sink Wall Mount Espresso Vanity

The Virtu Opal Double Side By Side Sink Wall Mount Espresso Vanity with Mirror is a simple way to create a modern bathroom. This set includes everything you need for easy installation of a brand new vanity area, complete with cabinet, sinks, faucets, drain systems, and even a matching wall cabinet. The main cabinet mounts […]

Contemporary Iron Wall Mirror Design

Completely hand forged steel frame holds a free form mirror making an interesting addition to any room and compliments that perfect spot. All materials started out as raw dimensional steel and glass and through the process of heating in a forge and hammering on an anvil, a new form appears.

Floating Rubberwood Vanity Set for Small Bathroom by Virtu Ivy Collection

The Virtu Ivy Single Sink Wall Mount Black Vanity with Mirror is great cabinet design for a small bathroom. Designed to mount directly to the wall studs for a “floating” effect the cabinet is topped with a white counter top, complete with a deep, block-style basin sink. The sink is what gives this piece its […]

The Frameless Maritime Wall Mirror

The Frameless Maritime Wall Mirror brings fun, contemporary style to your home. This stunning rectangular mirror is sure to add elegance and sophistication to any wall in your home.

Contemporary and Unique Frameless Wall Mirror Design

The Frameless Mirror Circus is a beautiful contemporary piece is a beautiful addition to your home will be. A special acid wash method is chosen images, the frames of the large mirror, so that this piece a unique look.

Contemporary Wall Mirror Design by Frameless Etch

The wall mirror from Frameless Etch comes with a stylish contemporary home design. This attractive and sophisticated rectangular mirror is sure to add elegance to any wall in your house. Constructed of Heavy Metal and 16.3 of glass, which has created an engraved border design with a process of fine and precise manufacturing. Mounting hardware […]

Gorgeous Round Wall Mirror by Frameless Tori

Add the soft lines of the wall decoration Tori Frameless mirror. This beautiful round mirror highlight for every room in your home. Constructed of Heavy Metal and 16.3 of glass that has a deep bezel design around the border. Mounting hardware is included in the mirror.

Contemporary Wall Decor Collections Raw by Stanley Ruiz

Your interior walls should be decorated well in order to enhance the contemporary interior style that you applied. Creative designer Stanley Ruiz has created the Raw collection, which consists of a wall clock and mirror. The sophisticating interior wall decor is somewhat made to exploit the natural beauty of wood, along with its textures, color […]